Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cookie Jar Gift Idea

I've been making my all-time-favorite, tried-and-tested, chocolatey, rich, incredibly delicious chocolate chip cookies. Every single person who has tasted this has loved it. Yes. Every single one. Check out this post if you'd like to get the recipe, I promise you it'll change the game for you.
I placed the cookies in these mason jars that people nowadays are going crazy for. I haven't tried canning anything yet, well except for these cookies and I must admit they really do look cute! If you're planning on giving a loved one cookies or pastries, you can make it extra special by placing them in these Ball mason jars. They can keep the jars and use them for other things after they've eaten up all your treats.
Right now, I'm working on a post that will compare all of the baking classes I've attended. Somebody asked about it in a previous blog post of mine and I never really got around to answering her question. I hope it will still be able to help her, please check in for that particular post soon. I also recently made these Red Velvet Smores Brownies! Rich, decadent and chocolatey! Recipe to be posted soon as well. In the meantime, happy eating!

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