Thursday, February 14, 2013

My First Heny Sison Workshop: A Re-Post

My first cupcakes workshop was great but I felt like it didn't dwell so much on the quality or the taste of cupcakes, instead it focused a lot more on the decorations and the cost of starting a cupcake business. Since I am new to baking, making it into a business was far from my mind. I wanted to enroll in another workshop that focused more on the taste, a class that would really break down the steps for you and show you why you had to do it a certain way.

Lucky for me, I was able to sign up for a Heny Sison workshop. She is a renowned chef with much experience behind her and she owns a culinary school that also offers one-day courses. After attending her workshop (taught by Chef Carrie Madrid) I knew I finally hit the jackpot.

The cupcake baking workshop was incredibly friendly to beginners like me. They tell you why you have to pre-heat your oven. What you can use to substitute certain ingredients, which icing is perfect for our hot, humid weather. Tips on how you can create moist cupcakes from scratch. It was an amazing class where I learned so much and was able to make more cupcakes of different kinds.

The chef also talked about the importance of texture, why we have to sift our ingredients (because we want a smooth texture of course!) and why the sponge cupcake is so much fun to make (its so light and fluffy and you can make sinful Tres Leches and Tiramisu cupcakes, mmmm!) even though the sponge itself is harder to bake.
Different kinds of chocolate cupcakes, vanilla and sponge cupcake plus different kinds of frosting!

Before I knew it, it was already 9 in the evening and my sister and I were the last ones to leave the class. There was such a wealth of information that we were hopelessly laughing on the way home, wondering if we would be able to remember everything. No wonder Heny Sison has got a reputation for doing amazing food. They really prioritize taste more than anything else.

My sister and her cupcake

I love my finished cupcakes! I love how delicious they were and how everyone who tasted them said they were pretty good. I am definitely going to enroll in more of the classes taught at Heny Sison because it was truly worth it. Do you want to see what we made? Here are some of the cupcakes I brought home from the workshop :)

They looked good and they tasted ame-hey-zing! Now I am hungry again lol.

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  1. Hi sis, is it a hands-on workshop? Were you the ones who mixed the ingredients with the recipes they provided? And once you enroll, do you get to keep a copy of the recipes for all the cupcakes and frosting? :D