Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hello November: A Re-Post

2 more months before the end of the year! Ack! Where did time go?
Things get pretty crazy here towards the end of the year so I want to post pictures and blog while I can.
Looking at beautiful cupcakes coming out of the oven gives me so much happiness!
I made Peanut Butter cupcakes and with some crushed peanut milk chocolate (read: Chocnut) and sweet jelly drizzle that was store-bought.
Also made Choco Cream Cheese Swirl cupcakes but they were not as sweet as I like. Must tweak the recipe next time :p
Finally, Vanilla cupcakes with Lemon Curd filling. The lemon curd was a little bit overpowering but if you like a contrasting sweet and sour flavor, you will enjoy the sharp, tart taste of this cupcake. Recipe to be posted soon!

Hope you have a wonderful November!

Update: Recipe on the peanut butter cupcakes posted here

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