Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cuppy Cuties: A Re-Post

I'm addicted to Cake Boss. I know a lot of people probably are and with good reason! Buddy and company are wonderful bakers and each cake they make looks great and I bet, tastes absolutely divine!
Seeing as I won't be working with polymer clay anytime soon (I work real slow so this takes up too much time away from baby Z plus I worry that the fumes might get to the baby) - I decided to learn how to bake! As in cake flour, chocolate, and mixer kind of baking lol. My husband was thrilled with the idea since baking edible goodies is something he could benefit from (read: eat!) and so I started looking up classes.

I joined a cupcake baking workshop at a place called Chocolate Lovers - sounds delish right?!

The baking portion was pure demo by the Chef but we did get to play around with the cupcake decorations :) I have to work on piping the icing but I really like the colors that I used for my cupcakes.

It was so much fun! Can't wait to start baking!

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